Thursday, 11 August 2011

Review: Garden of Wisdom Argan Anti Aging Serum

GoW Argan Anti Aging Serum 15ml USD 15.65/ RM 48.50

I am always on a look out for anti aging serums and while I was web shopping at Garden of Wisdom's site, this serum stood out among the rest, mainly because it contains Argan Oil and Niacinimide. While I am hesitant to purchase the full bottle, I asked if I can purchase a 15ml bottle. I am happy that the good people at GoW is able to accomodate that. A bottle of 15ml would be able to give me at least 2 months of usage to see the full potential of the product. Before I proceed with my review, here is the quick product description taken from Garden of Wisdom.

Product Description

Our Argan Anti-Aging Serum is slightly emollient, and is an absolutely perfect anti-aging serum for use during summer. Argan Oil helps with emollience, while CoQ10 and Niacinamide address wrinkles and aging skin, while also nourishing and reviving the epidermis. This serum is great for addressing dry skin and lifeless skin. Perfect for all skin types.


Liposome Base [this contains soy based liposomes]-hydrates,enhances penetration of actives
Lupine Extract-moisturising,conditioning,regenerating
Stabilized Oxygen- assists in the production of collagen and elastin,encourages the growth of healthy, new cells,
reduces the look of fine lines with plumping of the skin while increasing the skins moisture content.
Argan oil- anti-inflammatory,healing,antioxidant,high in vitamin E and essential fatty acids
Niacinimide-helps to strengthen and repair a damaged skin barrier,anti-inflammatory,soothing,healing,works fast to reduce redness/inflammation,no side effects [water soluble and flushes away in the system],rejuvenating,does not become resistant to fighting bacteria strains
CoQ-10-powerful antioxidant,helps to shield skin from environmental damage,improves appearance of fine lines and wrinkles,reduces dryness,protects the cell membrane
Leucidal-preservative, non-paraben,derived from fermented radish kimchii
Xanthan Gum-Thickener
Natural Berry Extract for scent

My Experience

I started incorporating this serum into my night regime in the beginning of July and application is after toner. The serum is light orange in colour with a semi-thick consistency and smells like mix berries. A pea size is sufficient for the whole face and neck area and upon application, this serum tends to be slightly sticky. I just need to pat my face gently to make sure all the serum is fully absorbed before applying my anti-aging oil.

The next morning, I noticed that my face looked fresh. My cheeks are bouncy and smooth and this serum leaves my face very hydrated. I continued on for the next two days and it's giving me the same results every morning. My face was looking a little dull and this serum seemed to amp up my face!

However, my enthusiam died down on the forth day when I experienced breakouts on my cheek, chin and forehead area. I am not sure if this serum is the cause of it or that my body is experiencing some hormone imbalance due to my period. I stopped using this serum and would only continue when my face get back to normal.

After 2 weeks, I started this again and on the first day, it seemed alright. However, on the 2nd day, I noticed I have tiny bumps along my chin and nasalabial fold ( near my nose ) area. Then, I knew that this serum is not suited for my skin type.


Sadly, this serum does not cut out for me even though I love the ingredients and the morning after effects that it gave me. I am rating this 2 out of 5, 2 for the potential ingredients in it and minus 3 for causing me breakouts.

This item was purchased by me for my personal purposes. This review is based on my honest and personal experience with this product and is not influenced by any parties. 


  1. Loving the serums I bought from GoW last month :) But still testing. However, the Stem Cell serum was a bit of a disappointment. It gave me breakouts. :(

  2. Hi Vivi! You must have a great haul from GoW eh? Oops...sorry to hear about your breakouts. I nearly bought the Stem Cell too but the price is kinda steep. What other serums are u trying?

    Have yet to try the sample of the BLT-RC Serum though, hope that it will be kind to my skin:)


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