Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Dressing Up & Styling

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I love dressing up and in fact, it runs in my blood. I remember when I was a child, I love drawing and making dresses for my Barbie dolls. Little that I know, I ended up pursuing into the fashion industry in full fledge and it became my career as well.

Years have passed and currently, I am temporarily taking a break from this hectic industry to focus on something else, yet still being in a creative line. Because of this break, I now work from home.

Now, you might think...what is all this about? Ever since I work at home, I didn't really focus on dressing 'fashionably' but rather comfortably, meaning in simple T-shirt and shorts. Being comfortable also means no makeup. 

Of late, I realised that I have been slacking on that 'dressing' part and I know I need to rejuvenate back that passion. I gathered all my clothes ( old ones included ) and begin to restyle, mix and match the pieces. In the process, it got my adrenalin going and I was so pumped up. And at last, I smelled SUCCESS!

Now, you may still be thinking...yeah, but where is this taking me to?  

My question to you guys is...have any of you ever felt this way, like I did? Once, you like to dress up and then, the passion died...and then, it comes back up again.

In my case, styling is important for me because of the nature of my job. Though I still update myself with the trends of the season, I personally like to maintain my own style, being chic and wearing pieces that are easy to mix and match. Though it comes naturally to me, I know that some need to get some ideas and inspiration to know how to achieve it. Below are some ways:

1) Googling

You can get tons of ideas by searching through the web. In my case, I often 'rejuvenate' myself by googling through how retailers or designers does their styling.

2) Inspired from street styles

Sometimes, I love going out and just observe how others dress up. During my buying trips, I love doing that. Yeah, some may be a little eccentric but some can be so effortlessly fashionable.

3) Go through your wardrobe

Seriously, you can get inspired by your own wardrobe. You will never know what are the 'hidden gems' in your closet. Who knows, you might have stumbled upon a vintage! Bring those vintages back to life by mixing up with current pieces.

4) VM displays from fashion retailers

If you ran out of ideas or have no clues at all, take in the ideas from the Visual Merchandising Displays from fashion retailers. Do note that it is not necessarily to buy the whole outfits but rather, recreate the inspired look with your own clothes.

So, do share, where do you look for inspiration in those days where you feel un-inspired to dress up?

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