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Share: Breakouts=Detoxification?

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I am questioning the title of my post and hope that you guys out there will share with me if you agree with it.
Now, you must be thinking why do I post this question?'s my story.....

Middle of last year..
I signed up some new facial programs with a newly established facial centre, hoping to ease some of my expenses. The products sounded very promising, where the ingredients are mostly derived from potent natural sources. ( In line with my 2011 resolution to shift to more natural/organic products ) The founder is one reputable and established aesthetician as well. So, I didn't question much when I signed up.

My First Facial with them..
Went normal as usual. However though, I find it odd that they didn't do a thorough skin assessment with me. All they asked me to do is to fill in the questionnaires about my skin condition. ( It should be the other way around, right ). I remember quite correctly that they didn't tell me which type of skin condition am I and proceeded with the facial.

I like facials that are quiet and relaxing but the entire time, they were doing endless promotion of their products. Frustrating but I forgave them because I understand their need to explain to me what products they are using since this is my first time with them. At the end of the facial, I was fine with the results and went home.

Next day.... reaction is EXACTLY like the picture above...shocked...that I discovered that I was experiencing allergy to the products! I had tiny bumps of rashes along the sides of my nose and chin. I also discovered I had two fresh pimples on my forehead.

I went to see a doctor immediately and was given cortisone cream and some medications to relieve the rashes. After 2 days, the facial centre call to see if I am experiencing positive results from the facial. I told them about my allergy reaction and they only proceeded to ask me what it look like and told me to go back so they can examine. I told them, thanks to my medications, my allergy went off. But you know what, the sad thing is that initially they didn't acknowledge that their products are the one which is causing my allergy and no compensation was even offered.

Because I have already sign some programs with them...
I continued with them. I also discovered that they did a AHA peel on me the first time and that is why I had the allergy. They stopped using that on me now but out of the 5 times I go for the facial, I always have breakouts along the forehead or eyebrows area. This is...without fail! I was petrified to get scarring again and went back to my old facial centre and what a difference, I did not experience any breakouts at all.

Here's the crux of the story...
I told my breakout story to them and the manager came to speak to me. What she explained was that it is normal to have breakouts and it 'termed as a detoxification process'." It is usual to experience that because our products are of high performance and need to purge all out", she says. I was sitting there and was in a little disbelief. ( Initially, they didn't acknowledge that their products are the one which is causing the breakouts and now she's telling me this is a detoxification process ) Mmm...makes me think. She did, however, offered a complimentary treatment, should I experience breakouts again. I just told her blankly that the last thing I want is experiencing breakouts again that will leave me scarred for months. ( I also find out that some customers also experience breakouts too)

Do you agree that experiencing breakouts is detoxification? Or simply put it, the products are just not suitable at all? Would you keep using the product which makes you breakout everytime? Do shed some light....


  1. I got the smallest bottle of the GoW detox thingy and yes, I was breaking out after one week and still do on 2nd week. Also I'm not sure if I'm breaking out from MVO anti aging oil either. Coz it seems I'm breaking out more since I started using the GoW detox serum. maybe it's really purging for me, I don't know.

    When I was using Shiseido Bio-Performance Super Revitalizer Cream Whitening, I had little zits every day. I gave it to my hubs to use and he has no problem with it. I wouldn't use a product that is making me break out. I'm experimenting now with MVO AA oil and GoW detox serum for another 2 weeks.

    1. Hi Dawn! Good to hear from you. To test which is the culprit, do use it separately. Unfortunately, I broke out using the GoW Argan Anti-aging Serum.:P
      With rgds to the MVO AAO, I started with 2 pumps ( that time my skin was dry and dehydrated ) and topped up with rosehip oil. Later, I realised I had pimples becos the combi is too rich for me. I cut off the rosehip oil and used mainly the AAO. The pimples were less and eventually, I reduced to 1 tiny squirt and my skin has been behaving since then.

    2. Hi Dawn, whenever I don't use the GoW detox serum for a long time, it somehow causes a bit of purging but after using it regularly, my skin stabilizes and I don't get as much blackheads anymore. I think that I'm gonna update my review to include this since it's only recently that I noticed it. The detox serum seems to pull out my deep whiteheads to the surface which makes it easier for me to extract or rub them off. :) But if after continuous use of it for 2 weeks you still get zits, then it might not be so suitable for you.

  2. I think purging is only max 2 weeks of continuous usage of the product. But if every time you use it you get pimples and irritations then there's definitely something in it that's not very suitable for you. Actually it's irritating that some salons/facial spa centers seem to be using this excuse much, that the skin is "detoxifying/purging". Besides, only certain products cause the skin to purge--usually those with exfoliating properties or those that stimulate deeper layers.

    1. Hi Vivi! Sorry for the late comment. Was wondering why yr comments did not appear on my blog initially.:D
      I totally agree with you that purging is max 2 weeks. Though I conveyed to them that it must be an ingredient that is not suitable to me, what was most disappointing was they did not acknowledge it in the first place.

  3. Hi Vivi, thanks for the review. I stopped using GoW Detox serum a week now and those pesky little white zits are not showing up either! I have to agree with you, the detox serum does help push my white heads and out. I have less black heads now, too, which could be due to Clarisonic.

  4. Hi, Thanks for sharing. Its something that is worth considering. I have 2 frens who were fans of clinique many yrs ago during sec sch days. 1 with gd skin n 1 with bad skin. Both experience breakouts with their pdts n were told that its purging and detoxification. Both still like their pdts n told me they experience better skin after breakouts subsided.
    After facials, i experienced breakouts 50% of the time, i really don't know why. But the experience made me go for facial only when my skin is in A better condition. It sounds funny to me since most ppl turned to facials when their skin is bad. But i trust myself more than them.

    1. Hi Agnes. I think it all depends on each individuals though, whether if they know their skin can take it or not. In the case of your friends, they persevere and it is lucky they experienced better skin there after.
      In the case of my above experience with the new facial, I have been going there for more than 6 mths and to date, my skin still have breakouts after each treatment. So, it is highly likely that their products are not suitable for me. I do get into a panic mode if pimples occur because the scars will remain very visible for months.


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