Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Do you wash your face after rinsing your shampoo?

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I am not sure how many of you out there is as particular as me. My hubby says that I am slightly fussily freaky..hehe. Well, I have my reservations and here are my 2 reasons:

Making sure no remaining residue is on my face.

It's no joy when imagining remnants of shampoo, mixed with dirt and grime, slowly sliding down your face during rinsing time. Most of the remnants contains mostly oils, surfactants or sometimes conditioners. Do keep in mind that conditioners or even shampoo contain dimethicone. For natural or organic based products, the ingredient similar to dimethicone called glycol distearate is commonly used.

Dimethicone is a silicon-based polymer used as a lubricant and conditioning agent. Simply put it, this ingredient makes you say "Oh, my hair feels incredibly soft and smooth ". Because it is a conditioning agent, it serves to coat the hair or skin to prevent water loss. Now, to me, it can mean pore clogging. This is not good news. 

To avoid pimples

Because dimethicone and other conditioning agents are pore clogging, it can cause breakouts. To me, I would very much like to avoid the big P because my pimple scars usually stays very visible for months. This is one of the reason why I make sure that my skin is cleaned after rinsing and after conditioning my hair. 

My Usual Routine

During rinsing time, I would usually tilt my head slightly to the side or back to avoid suds running down my face. In some unavoidable situations, I would usually wash my face with water before towelling dry. Next, I proceed with conditioning my hair with leave on conditioners before blow drying my hair. Even when I blow dry my hair, I would try my best to avoid my hair from touching my face too much.

When all is done, I would wash my face with my cleanser, just to make sure that my face is clean from any oils or residue.

Do you have a similar routine like mine? Or perhaps, a new method? Do share.


  1. I usually wash my face with an oil cleaner, rinse it off in the shower, wash my hair) (head down - habit), rinse, conditioner, wash the rest of me, rinse conditioner, and finally wash my face.

  2. Hi Dawn! Glad to hear from you:D
    Ohhh, good routine. However, any reason why the oil cleanser first?
    I have one friend, who actually cleans the face first, then the rest of the body and then....wash the hair. All of us found it really weird to why wash the hair at the very end because to us, it seems like getting dirty all over again!

  3. I wash my face with oil cleanser to get the sunblock and foundation off first. Before I started washing my face at the very end, I used to do it the very beginning, not till I read it somewhere (ParisB, I think, can't remember) to do it last. I used to wash my face, hair, then body!

  4. This is interesting. I always wash my face first! Wonder if this is the reason for my breakouts around my chin and upper lip area? or if my breakouts caused by me resting my chin on hands ALL THE TIME!! :p

    Either way, interesting fact. Will certainly try washing face last to see if there's any difference.

  5. Hi Chui Shia! Yup that could be one of the reasons. For the chin area, best not to touch it so often because that area is very prone to congestions. I developed a lot of blackheads at that area and it is so hard to squeeze them out:(

  6. Ever since I started using the Clarisonic cleanser, my blackheads are super easy to extract out. And I bought that after reading your review. :) I use it at least once a week, followed by a hydrating mask. Then the following day, the whiteheads or blackheads will pop out very easily.

  7. Aww...you are lucky that your blackheads and whites is easily removed. Mine is a never ending saga:(


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