Thursday, 15 December 2011

Review: L'occitane Summer Secret Moisturising Body Gel

L'occitane Verbena Summer Secret Moisturizing Body Gel 250ml MYR 111
( Bought at discounted price MYR 77 )

It is seldom that I would buy L'occitane's stuffs at their normal retail price. Personally, I feel that the pricing is a bit on the high side for something as simple as a body lotion. However, during one of their recent sale, I managed to grab some discounted stuffs and this is one of them. A sniff of this won me over!

I have always been a fan of their Verbena range but this scent is at a different dimension. It is both refreshing and just makes you feel 'oh so good'. 

Product Description

Enriched with organic Verbena extract from Corsica and refreshing agents, this moisturizing body lotion has a melting texture that envelopes the body with a fresh and aromatic bouquet of scents. Thanks to its unique jelly-like texture, skin is left supple and delicately perfumed with the aromatic and fresh Verbena fragrance notes. Ideal for an invigorating break!

My Thoughts

Let's start with what I like. The first thing that I liked about this body gel is the scent. Yes, it had me at the first sniff! It is so wonderfully refreshing and aromatic without being overpowering sweet. It is just nice and the scent is lasting too...Secondly, I like the consistency of the body gel as it absorbs easily to your skin and does not leave the sticky icky feeling. It pretty much hydrates the skin pretty well too. 

Now, moving on to what I dislike. It is a Limited Edition product and from what I heard, they have already discontinue this gel. Boo! I would rather they keep this and discontinue the citrus verbena range instead. Secondly, the price! I think I would not purchase this if it is not at a discounted price. MYR 111 is a pretty steep price to pay for a body gel. 


It is a pretty decent body gel and I find that this is good to use on those days that are hot and humid. It does leave a slight cooling sensation upon application and I love the lasting scent of this body gel. I also like that this is not heavy and it keeps your skin hydrated throughout the day. I am giving this a rating of 4 out of 5.

This item was purchased by me for my personal purposes. This review is based on my honest and personal experience with this product and is not influenced by any parties.


  1. think i saw this during the recent sale too. didn't pick up anything after thinking of all the body oils i have :P

    p/s: i picked up a bottle of the zhong kim guan bedak sejuk but it stinks like crazy right after i melted the pastilles! i can't quite describe the scent but is it supposed to smell this way?

  2. Hi Xin! Oh you should have, the scent is simply delightful.

    I think all bedak sejuk have this unfavourable smell.( Mine smells like really fermented ). Some can tahan but some is really put of with it because basically, bedak sejuk is fermented rice. But hope you can bear with the smell because this stuff is simply A+ for preventing and healing zits. Try experimenting it by dabbing it on the zit when it is about to form overnight. For stubborn zits, need to put it for 2 nights.

  3. uh i dont think i can try again :( the scent is unbelievably, and horribly stinking! :( :( the rose scent in it just worsens the smell *gulp*

  4. Oh dear, sorry to hear that. Didn't know that yours have a rose scent to it.:P My bedak sejuk is 'au natural' so the smell is lagi worse..haha. Use it on hubby, he can't stand the smell as well.

    Nvm, use it on other parts of your body then...


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