Thursday, 8 December 2011

Reality Bites

How many of us would be in awe as we flip through magazines pictures of women with flawless and porceline skin? Honestly, I do..even though I know that the pictures are airbrushed.

"Oh, wished I had a perfect skin like her, with no spots what so ever." or "Oh, wish I can be so thin". We are all sucked and sold into the advertisements. That in reality, we can never achieve it. I found this you tube, addressing the topic and it is Highly Recommended to view by all.

I started this blog, mainly sharing with my readers about my journey of using natural or organic products. My blog is mainly about sharing my experiences and also my opinions. My aim is never to have my face to be perfect as those models or celebrities in the advertisements. All I want is to have healthy looking skin!


  1. can't watch the video in office...but yes even i know the ads are deceiving, i still get suckered into it XD

    btw, the other day i saw a lady in a mall, and she had that porcelain beautiful flawless skin (without any makeup)! and to top it all, she is very pretty. almost died of jealousy :P

  2. Really? At least the lady you saw is in 'real life'. Such a blessing that someone possesses natural beauty.:P

    Oh..hope you will be able to watch it next time if you have a chance. This video clip is like a reminder to all of us.


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