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Foot Issues ( Part 1 ): My Foot Problems

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I never really pay attention to my feet problems or even more so, learn about feet problems. What prompted me to really look into it was when one of my nieces have a foot condition called over-pronation or 'flat feet'. 

Off I went for a feet analysis one day, during which I was told that I have mid high arch ( which is not so much of an issue ) and both my feet have bunions ( Hallux Valgus ) problem. I did told them that my knees and heels hurts quite a bit, after walking or even standing for a period of time. But my main problem I want to address are my bunions. I love flats or heels, and most of the time, both my bunions will be sore and red, even when worn for just an hour. I am not sure if many felt the same as I do but....when my feet hurts, I get agitated easily.

Let's look into the explanation of my feet analysis in detail shall we.

High Arch

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A high-arched foot lacks the needed flexibility for absorbing shock and tends to roll outward or supinate ( see figure above ), which can increase the risk of ankle sprains. High arch feet can be associated with foot health issues such as:
  • Pain in the ball of the foot
  • Ankle sprains
  • Pain in the rear foot
  • Calluses under the ball of the foot and outer part of the sole
  • Heel pain
According to source ( here ), because high-arch feet don't absorb shock well, hard-soled shoes or shoes with thin soles may cause foot and leg pain, especially at the knee. Another issue is nerve or tendon irritation across the top of the foot from tight shoes. 

Now, that clearly explains why my knees and heels hurt most of the time. Another reason for the pain was that my weight is transferred most to the heels and balls of the feet when I am walking or standing because of my high arch. The pressure could not be distributed to other areas properly, thus the concentration is at both the areas. When I am wearing high heels, the pain is more acute.


Adding a pad under the tongue of the shoe or buying shoes with thick but flexible sole with arch support.

What I did

Shoe-hunting, of course! I went to many, many shoe orthotics shops, hoping to find a good and comfortable walking shoe. To my surprise, these type of shoes cost from MYR 250 and above! is very pricey, even more so for those custom-made ones.

After weeks of searching, I manage to get 2 shoes, one with arch support and another with good, thick and flexible sole at Dr.Kong, where they were having a 'buy 1 free one promotion' and boy, it was really a good deal!

After 2 months of wearing those shoes, I can really is all worth it. My beloved heels and flats are cast aside as I reach out more to my orthopedic shoes. Surprisingly, I can walk for longer hours, without feeling the pain at my heels or the balls of my feet. My feet and leg does not feel easily tired as before and funnily, my back usually hurts when wearing ordinary shoes but with this, no pain at all. For those of you who have worn orthopedic shoes before, you will know what I am talking about. Once you are a 'convert', I don't think anyone would like to go back to wearing the normal shoes anymore. It is like exchanging comfort for pain.

Personally, I find that trendy orthopedic shoes are hard to find in Malaysia. Most of the styles here are quite outdated looking and may put us off at one glance. I know that they have to consider the comfort level and suitability before penning the design but, a little more eye candy won't hurt though.

Next post: Foot Issue ( Part 2 ): Bunions 

This item was purchased by me for my personal purposes. This review is based on my honest and personal experience with this product and is not influenced by any parties.


  1. Hey Alexandra!
    I have plantar ficiatis (spelling?) and have the same pain like you do - balls of my feet after standing or walking for a long period of time. Both my knees are really bad too from over used when I was running for years.

    My have gotten rid of all my high heels and replaced them with oh-so-comfortable shoes/sneakers. I even had a orthotic insert specially made.

    I am now wearing Dansko for most of my shoes...they are a bit chunky on the heels but I can walk for hours on them.

    1. Hi Dawn:) How are you? It's been a looong time! Hope everything is settling fine at your side.

      Orthopedic shoes are super comfy, right? It is like " where have you been all my life". I envy you cos you have a wide range of choices over at your place wherelse here, it is super limited...and expensive!


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